The Infinite Noise by Lauren Shippen

Title: The Infinite Noise
Series: The Bright Sessions, #1
Author: Lauren Shippen
Publication date: 2019

Date started: 23/12/2020
Date finished: 27/12/2020

Content warnings: Depression, mention of self harm, bullying, anger issues

First sentence: “Oh god, it’s happening again.”
Last sentence: “’We’ll be weird together’.”
Best sentence: “What’s the word for when you’re sitting at a table with someone you don’t know all that well and they maybe just implied that you’re gay and you are gay and you think they were trying to be inclusive or something but you kind of shut them down because they asked out your crush earlier and you really don’t want to be having this conversation and now there’s all this weird, unsaid stuff in the air that’s making it hard to focus on your debate prep? Is there a word for that?”

Summary (spoilers): Caleb is struggling with his new found empathy powers, that often make him drown in others’ emotions, but he starts to notice that when he’s around his classmate Adam, he always feels calmer. Little by little they befriend each other, then start dating, after Caleb opens up about his powers. Dating an empath, especially for someone with depression, isn’t always the easiest thing, but they make it work!

Opinion: I recently binged the Bright Sessions podcast and fell in love with it hard, so it was great to be able to revive parts of that story by reading a more detailed account of Caleb and Adam story! There wasn’t a lot of new story content compared to the podcast, but we gained more insight as to what each character was thinking at different times, which I appreciated!

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