Snapdragon by Kat Leyh

Title: Snapdragon
Author: Kat Leyh
Publication date: 2020

Date started: 04/03/2023
Date finished: 04/03/2023

First sentence: “Our town has a witch. She fed her eye to the devil. She eats roadkill and casts spells with the bones… That’s the kind of bull the dumb kids at my school say. Witches ain’t real. She’s just an old loony.”
Last sentence: “Our town has a witch. She fed her eye to a fox and sells the skeletons of roadkill online… She rescues animals and people’s pets. She cares about the creatures no one likes. She can see ghosts and do magic (when she feels like it). I used to think all of that was bull. Now I know it’s all true… well, almost all of it… There’s more than one witch in our town…”

Summary: Snapdragon’s town has a rumoured witch, who eats roadkills and pets. When Snap loses her dog Good Boy, she goes to check at the witch’s house just in case, and finds him there… with a leg missing! The witch tells her she ate the leg, but Snap doesn’t believe her, and the witch admits that she found G.B. hurt and healed him. The next day, when Snap finds some baby possums starving after their mother died, she brings them to the witch asking for help. The witch agrees… to teach Snap how to take care of them herself! That’s how Snap and the witch, Jacks, start to work together, and while doing so Snap discovers that the witch isn’t evil, but takes care of lost animals and sells roadkill skeletons online. But she’s also an actual witch, able to see ghosts and even to fly! On the side, Snap befriends her neighbour Lulu, who’s slowly realizing she’s a trans girl… and the two girls discover they might have magical powers as well! When Snap finds an old picture of Jacks with her granny, she starts to investigate, and discovers that they used to be a couple! But Snap’s granny wanted a big family, whereas Jacks was too afraid to become like her parents, so they split up. Because Snap’s grand father died a long time ago, she decides to reunite Jacks with her granny, and they do get back together!

Opinion: This comic was soooo lovely! My goal in life is now to be a mysterious gay witch in the forest who takes care of lost pets and sells roadkill skeletons online. Talking about which, the original title for this comic was “Roadkill Witch”, which I think would have been much more epic than “Snapdragon”, too bad they changed it. I loved the graphics, I loved that it was so queer and happy and cute, I loved the characters and I loved the story! Go read it!


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