The Storm of Life by Amy Rose Capetta

Title: The Storm of Life
Series: The Brilliant Death, #2
Author: Amy Rose Capetta
Publication date: 2020

Date started: 29/07/2020
Date finished: 18/08/2020

First sentence: “When I was a little girl, my father’s tours of Vinalia carried him far from home.”
Last sentence: “I started scheming all the favors Cielo and I might trade as we left the confines of the throne room, stepped into the amber heart of the day, and became a part of Vinalia once again.”

Summary: Teodora di Sangro and her lover Cielo travel accross Vinalia to recruit a powerful group of streghe from the five families to fight the authoritarian Capo. They also manage to get the Order of Prai on their side, thanks to their leader who happens to be Cielo’s father. Teo has to learn how to control all the newly acquired power she received when she killed the powerful Capo streghe Azzurra. Despite losing both his streghe, the Capo found a new ally in Beniamo, who is still as cruel and violent as before, and wants to acquire magic at all cost. While Teo is trying to lead the war against the Capo, Cielo tries to change the idea of the brilliant death, so that magic can be inherited through other ways than killing. Teo wins her war, and Cielo manages his quest, so that now magic can now be inherited through love / kissing. Teo becomes queen of Vinalia, and the people will have to get used to their new genderfluid streghe monarchs! Teo and Cielo also make it their mission to start spreading their magic to everybody in Vinalia so that streghe are not uncommon and hunted anymore.

Opinion: This book was really good, a nice follow up to the first opus! Queer genderfluid witches taking over the world – I mean, what else?

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